Ciao Italia!

After a little over five years, we’re returning. Not so much to Rome this time, but we are heading back to Italy. I loved the time we spent there, and have been itching to go back.

This time we’ll spend several days with Milan as our base, as my significant other has to work for a bit there. I plan to see some more of Milan, take a couple of day trips in the area and spend time with some family members there.

After Milan, we’re off to Umbria, then we’ll brave the Italian highways again and drive some (hopefully) picturesque rural routes from Umbria to Florence, and later to Montepulciano. We finish in Rome before heading back home.

My plans involve eating, drinking, and trying for better photos than on my last trip. I took loads, but not many came out as well as I had hoped. Probably due to the camera I used, and being so excited that I wanted to take a picture of EVERYTHING.

I’m not planning to blog as I go, but I’ll make an effort to post some photos on my as yet unused Instagram account. Here’s hoping the early spring in Italy dries up a bit, and our adventures this time are as memorable as they were five years ago.

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