Beginning Again

I'm going to give this one more chance. Last year was excellent in many ways, and also really challenging. So far this year looks pretty good, though it's early days yet. The challenging parts made me close up. I didn't want to talk about it, but I couldn't just write things and pretend nothing was... Continue Reading →

Happy…here we go again!

Nope, I’m not depressed or being negative. It just seems that as the years pass, they go by more quickly and all in all are more similar than they were before. Maybe that’s because the kids are older/not home and not setting the pace for daily life anymore. There’s a similarity to my days and... Continue Reading →


I’m alone this week. My partner is away on a work trip until Saturday. My kids are, and have been, elsewhere for some time. Thanksgiving has just passed, Christmas is right around the corner. The house is quiet and not, at the same time. It rings with the sound of memory. Laughing, arguing, hurrying, playing,... Continue Reading →

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